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September 2023 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 2 Home Learning.


Write a recount about what you have done in the holidays.  You may want to write about one exciting event or a series of activities. 

You can complete this either as a cartoon strip, a story board or as a piece of writing with a picture underneath. 

Remember to include the skills you learnt in Year 1 (full stops, capital letters, sounding out unfamiliar words and exciting adjectives).


1. Find 10 items in you house.  Can you order them from the smallest to the largest?

2. Write and complete these number bonds to 10 on a piece of paper.  There is no need to print this off. 

Challenge: Can you write the number bonds to 20?

Afternoon - Choose from one of the following

1. Complete 30 minutes of physical activity - this could be a game of tennis in your garden, football with your friends or a walk to the park. 

2.  Learn this British Sign Language song, If you're Happy and you Know it. 

3.  Design your own school uniform.