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Philosophy for children

Sticky Questions for Friday 24th March 2023

Reception:   Would you rather it was always sunny or always snowy?

Year One:    What is slower than a snail?

Year Two:     Should children be paid to go to school??

Year Three:   Why do people think sunsets are beautiful?

Year Four:     Is the past more real than the future?

Year Five:      When should you judge a book by its cover?

Year Six:       Do you know more, or less, than your parents did at your age?


Top Tips for great discussions

  • "You said, I think..." - after the first person speaks, the next person has to begin each of their points with "You said..." and gives a summary of what the person has just said before adding, "I think...", and gives their own contribution.  This is a simple way of making paired discussions responsive.
  • Coaching questions  - use the prompts below to push for deeper thinking in group/family discussions

Can you say why?

Can you say more?

How do you mean?

Can you give us an example?

Why is that important?

How could you disagree with yourself? (this gets them thinking of possible other opinions)

  • Wandering wonder - listen out for new questions arising from what you have talked about and see where it takes you.
  • Say it in Seven -as a group, boil down your best answer/reason to a sentence of exactly seven words.