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 Art and design, along with music and other creative arts is a gateway for humans to express their unique, lived experiences in a deeply personal way, whilst sharing that expression with others who are open to interpret it in their own way too.  We believe that a high-quality art, craft and design education based on the development of strong, foundation skills will equip children to experiment with, imagine and create their own pieces of work whilst developing an appreciation of the work of others.  By experiencing and imitating the work of established, diverse artists, learners at Broke Hall discover the role art and artists have had and continue to have in the shaping of our shared history and culture, and that of others.​​​​​​​

At Broke Hall School it is our intent that children will:

  • Learn a range of skills to develop a visual language for themselves. They will be taught how to use a variety of materials and they will be encouraged to develop basic skills in drawing and colour mixing so that they can produce good observational sketches.           

  • Learn about the work of artists and crafts people, studying the methods they have used.  They will look at work from different cultures and from different periods of history and will be asked to discuss their likes and dislikes in order to develop their appreciation and understanding of art.

  • Build on previous learning in art as they progress through school and use this learning to support other subjects. As children progress through the school they will be given wider choices of materials and techniques and will need to make more complex decisions in developing their sketches and ideas into individual or group projects.