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Microsoft Teams

During this lockdown, we will be using ‘Microsoft Teams’ as our online learning platform. This will allow teachers to host recorded explanations and lessons, add learning materials, worksheets and quizzes. As appropriate to the age of the child, completed work can be uploaded and feedback given by the class teacher. This virtual classroom will also allow for safe interaction between the children and the teachers via comments and feedback as well as the potential for live sessions.

A parent’s guide to using Teams can be found here.


Log into Teams by clicking the Icon above

Using other devices to log into Teams

Microsoft Teams is accessible on many different devices - you do not necessarily need a laptop. 

Tablet or Smartphone - This often works better if you download the 'Teams' App.

You can access Teams via an X-Box or Playstation 4.  Watch this Youtube video for more details (Broke Hall School is not responsible for the content of external sites).

You can also use a Samsung TV and Samsung smartphone combination. More information here.

School Expectations

The government have advised that for primary school children, schools should provide home learning on average for a minimum of 3 hours per day in Key Stage 1 and a minimum of 4 hours in Key Stage 2. 

The learning tasks that we have on Teams will meet these minimum requirements - we have daily maths and English lessons and a lesson from a foundation subject for the children to complete. There will also be a daily phonics session for the younger children and all children are encouraged to read each day and to complete some Numbots or TimesTable Rockstars practice.

We will also provide live sessions.  If this is the case we will endeavour to provide advance notice. 

Just as in school, we will have high expectations of everyone’s behaviour when using the TEAMS app to access learning online. Please can we ask that parents, carers and children all read / have read to them, the following Code of Conduct, to ensure you are aware of the rules and expectations that we have. This will help to keep everyone safe and happy - thank you! 

Code of Conduct for Using Teams:
When using the messaging or comments features everyone will:
Use kind words only and not say anything that could upset someone else
Be kind, helpful and respectful of others
No-one will:
Take screen shots / record conversations without the specific permission of the teacher
When joining live-streamed sessions everyone will:
Listen carefully to whoever is talking
Keep themselves muted when asked to by the teacher
Be appropriately dressed (uniform is not necessary)
Make sure they do not have anything in view that might offend / upset others
Keep to the rules given by the teacher for that lesson, e.g show you want to speak by raising your hand
No-one will:
Attempt to record the lesson without the specific permission of the teacher
Share access to the lesson with anyone outside of the class
Show unkindness to anyone
It will be assumed that by using your school login details to access the app, both parents, carers and children have read and agreed to the above school code of conduct.
This is new technology for us so we may find that there are some teething issues! Thank you for your understanding as we become more familiar with how Teams works. If you have any queries, please contact the school in the usual way: