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EAL - English as an Additional Language

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What is EAL?

A learner of English as an Additional Language (EAL) refers to a pupil whose first language is not English. First language is the language to which the child was initially exposed during early development. They often continue to use this language in their home and community, although they may also be fluent in English too.

Children of Broke Hall Primary School

Here at Broke Hall we are a very inclusive school, embracing a range of backgrounds, cultures and languages. Lots of the children at Broke Hall speak many different languages and might not speak English as their first language at home. Did you know we have 26 other languages spoken across our school? You might be able to see some of these languages in the pictures below...












Our EAL pupils views and opinions

In our most recent pupil perception, pupils were asked a range of questions (10 = highest). These were our results:


Useful Resources 

There are some free useful resources and great websites which might help you practice your English at home. These websites include videos, games, stories and activities for you to complete. We would recommend you start with Duolingo. (Children can also use these websites to support their learning of French, as this is our modern foreign language taught throughout key stage 2).        



 Achievers Supplementary School

Achievers" Supplementary School is a Saturday school that helps children to improve their English and Math skills. They started their school in March 2015 and are open on Saturdays from 10am until 12:30pm. The company employs qualified teachers to deliver the sessions and bilingual learning support assistants to give help and advice to the parents of children with EAL about the British education system. The school greatly benefits the children, their parents and the community. Please have a look at the website for more information or get in contact with our front office for more help and support.



Our policy was most recently updated in October 2019 and has been adapted in line with our school practices. It also considers external support and advice. Please click the picture to read it.




Guide to the school day

If you would like to see a pictorial booklet of our school day, click on the below picture.











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