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At Broke Hall Primary School, we aim to provide an English curriculum which inspires a love of reading and writing. Along with this, we aim for our children to leave primary school fully literate and articulate, and prepared for their secondary education and later life. Through engaging lessons, we aim to foster a love of English and language (including spelling and grammar) and an enjoyment of learning. This will be achieved through experience of and engagement with a range of high quality and enjoyable texts.

We want our pupils to understand that Reading is something which can be enjoyed as well as being a tool to access information and to communicate with the world. Similarly, we want our pupils to understand that Writing is also a tool for communication, through which their voice and ideas can be heard. This is demonstrated through our text-based approach to teaching. We aim to provide pupils with opportunities to access a range of texts and authors along with the knowledge of how they can continue to access these resources when they leave our school.

We challenge children of all abilities and ensure they make good progress in all areas of the English National Curriculum. They are encouraged to have a growth mind-set and to develop the skills of perseverance and resilience. Through reading in particular, pupils are given a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. We celebrate children’s hard work and effort, as well as their success. They are encouraged to revisit their work, making changes and developing their ideas to ensure they achieve their best.

English enrichment opportunities are also used to demonstrate that Reading and Writing do not always have to take place within the confines of a classroom. It is our intention that after completing the English curriculum at our school, pupils will have developed their skills and confidence to tackle a range of texts and to write for a variety of purposes and audiences, so they can effectively communicate with the wider world.

We will provide a consistent whole school approach to raising standards in English across the curriculum.