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summer learning


This term, children write for a range of purposes. This will include:

  • a first-person narrative
  • formal letters to complain
  • writing dialogue
  • producing poetry
  • writing instructions

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Children have been enjoying the whole class reading texts this year. Across the three classes, children will be reading: The Sheep Pig, Bill's New Frock, The Firework Maker's Daughter and Earth Shattering Events. 

We are giving the children plenty of opportunities to read in school across a variety of contexts and would like to emphasise the importance of reading to and with your child at home. It is okay for your child to record their reading themselves in their reading diary, although we ask for an adult to acknowledge this at least once a week.



This term, during Power Maths lessons, the children will learn:        

  • unit 11 - fractions
  • unit 12 - money
  • unit 13 - time
  • unit 14 - angles and properties of shapes
  • unit 15 - statistics

Maths Curriculum « Totley All Saints Primary School

Times tables

By the end of year 3, children are expected to be able to fluently recall their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10s timetables. Please continue to encourage your child to practise little and often.


This term during their science lessons the children will be 'Working Scientifically'. This unit will involve:

  • writing a hypothesis about an investigation (predict)
  • carrying out an investigation
  • recording our findings
  • writing a conclusion


After half term, our unit is 'Light' and the children will learn to:

  • recognise we need light in order to see
  • understand that light is reflected from surfaces
  • how to protect ourselves and our eyes
  • find patterns in a shadows shape and size


During Summer term 1, we will be continuing our history learning about the Romans, with a focus on the Romans in Britain. We will learn about:

  • the impact they had on our country
  • how it was they became so successful
  • the role of Boudica
  • what caused the collapse of the Roman Empire


After half term in Summer term 2, our geography learning will explore:

  • where our food comes from around the world
  • how the climate impacts on what is grown in different locations
  • how land is used to produce food in the UK



Children will continue with learning to speak French. The units this term will teach them to say:

  • numbers
  • letters of the alphabet
  • household objects
  • 'in' and 'on'
  • members of the family

    French Language Courses at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (SIAL) |  Sorbonne Université